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We Protect Your Rain Gutters From Clogging

We Protect Your Rain Gutters From Clogging - Rain Tamer

Rain Tamer offers a variety of Gutter Guards to protect your rain gutters from clogging. Especially in OKC and Edmond with the many different types of trees, a few factors to help determine the best gutter guard or leaf guard for you are:

  • Tree coverage around gutters
  • Tree type
  • Roof pitch and Roof type

Although Rain Tamer sells and has access to an array of different gutter guards or leaf guards, these are our three most popular sellers.

We Protect Your Rain Gutters From Clogging - Rain Tamer

Lock On Gutter Guard

Our most Comes in black powder coated steel, mill finish aluminum, and copper. It comes in 4’ sections and in 5”, 6”, 7” or 9” widths.

Lock On Gutter Guard - Gutter Guards - Rain Tamer
Lock On Gutter Guard Detail - Gutter Guards - Rain Tamer

Free Flow Gutter Guard

Our Leafree guard is a total cover over the gutter with a small opening in the front for water to enter through via surface tension. It also has a perforation line in the center of the panel to allow water to flow through the top.

Free Flow K-Style Aluminum Gutter Guard - Rain Tamer
Free Flow Gutter Guard Detail - Guter Guard - Rain Tamer

Clean Mesh Gutter Guard

Mesh Guard offers Our Mesh Guard gutter guards are made of painted aluminum, featuring an offset louver system covered with a stainless steel micromesh filter. The louvered design draws in rainwater, while the micromesh filters out tiny debris particles and tree matter like pine needle, seed pods, and shingle grit. The stiffening ribs are designed to add strength and rigidity.  Comes in 4’ sections and in 5” and 6” widths.

Clean Mesh Gutter Guard - Guter Guard - Rain Tamer
Clean Mesh Gutter Guard Detail - Guter Guard - Rain Tamer

Gutters and drainage systems route rain water away from your property to prevent flooding and water intrusion inside your home. If they become clogged with leaves and debris, their ability to move water is compromised. This is why gutter guards (also called gutter covers, leaf covers, leaf guards) are crucial when trees are present. They reduce or eliminate the need to clean out your gutter by hand.

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What Our Clients Say

Cynthia E.

Rain Tamer just installed all new gutters with leaf guards. The previous company had covered the garage lights with the downspouts. Rain Tamer designed the system beautifully and selected a color that matches the eaves so well, you don't really notice the gutters. I'm very happy! Installers were professional, got right to work, and finished in a good amount of time.

Cynthia E.

Casey Strong

Excellent company and communicate well. The staff is very pleasant to work with. I am active-duty military and they serviced my property in Oklahoma. It was easy to have the quote and communication. I'm extremely satisfied and would use them again! They are great!

Casey Strong