Commercial Gutters

Choose from Metal, downspout & Size options

Choose from Metal, downspout & Size options - Commercla Gutters - Rain Tamer

At Rain Tamer we can handle all types & sizes of commercial gutters. When your commercial building's gutters aren’t draining properly, you can quickly end up with costly repairs and infrastructure damage.

Whether it’s an existing building or a new build, we can solve the issue and simplify the entire process.

Commercial Gutter Metals

  • 24g and 26g backed on steel with kynar finish
  • 16 and 20 oz copper

Commercial Downspout Sizes

  • 3x4
  • 4x4
  • 4x5
  • 5x5
  • 5x6
  • 6x6
Choose from Metal, downspout & Size options - Commercla Gutters - Rain Tamer

Commercial Gutter Sizes

  • 6”
  • 7”
  • 8*

3 Types of Flat Roof Drainage Systems

Flat roofs depend greatly on proper drainage to prevent leaks, deterioration, and ice formation (during winter). These are three types of drainage systems that are used for flat roofs:

Interior Drains

Interior Drains - Commercla Gutters - Rain Tamer

Interior drains are placed at intervals near the center of the roof with a network of gutters and pipes that move the water to the exterior of the building. The drains are often covered by a strainer that prevents leaves and debris from getting into the system.

These are a good solution for large roofs on which water tends to pool in the center, but they can be a significant investment.

Scuppers & Conductor Heads

Scuppers & Conductor Heads - Rain Tamer

Scuppers are holes on the edges of a flat roof that allow water to drain through parapet walls around a roof. They keep the building walls dry and prevent the foundation from destabilization.

Scuppers drain into a metal box called a Conductor Head, also known as a Leader Head. Conductor Heads come in various shapes and sizes to accommodate the size of the roof and the scupper.

A downspout is connected at the bottom of the Conductor Head to drain water down and away from the building. On some flat-roof designs, the entire roof is sloped to the back of the building towards a gutter.

Scuppers & Conductor Heads - Rain Tamer

Scuppers are more cost-effective than inner drains, but they work best when all the water is directed to them using a tapered insulation system or a sloped structure. They are a good solution for areas that get heavy rains, but are not ideal for dealing with snow.

Commercial Gutters

Commercial Gutters - Rain Tamer

Commercial gutters are attached to the edges of the roof just like residential gutters to collect water as it drains off the roof and away from the building.

They are generally the least expensive drainage solution since they can be attached to a finished roof without any modification to the roof itself.

Commercial Gutters are good at dealing with variable levels of rain and snow, but they need consistent cleaning throughout the year because they gather debris that can block the flow of the water.

If this debris is not cleared out, water typically overflows and runs down the side of the building causing unsightly stains and deterioration.

Choose Your Best Option

If you’re not sure which drainage system will work best for your roof, we can help you choose, install, and maintain the right drainage solution for your commercial building.

At Rain Tamer, our technicians have the training, skills & experience in installing and maintaining all drainage systems.

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